Cultural Appreciation

St. Hilary Catholic School Cultural Appreciation
Posted on 06/08/2022
Medicine Pouches

There are many Experiential Learning Projects happening across the eight Superior North Catholic District School Board this school year. Experiential learning projects support an inquiry-based pedagogical approach to learning that provides students with opportunities to co-construct their learning through hands-on learning experiences. Each experiential learning project supports students’ pathways to success - knowing themselves, exploring opportunities, making decisions and setting goals for the future. St. Hilary Catholic School educators Ashley Muir and Lisa Copp set on a journey of fostering students and educators towards reconciliation and cultural appreciation. Drumming at St. Hilary

Classroom educators and students will learn four of the many Indigenous Cultural practices through hands-on learning. The project will be enriched by inviting Indigenous learning partners to the teachings that accompany the cultural knowledge. Marlo Beaucage, lead the first of the four projects for each student to learn about medicine pouches. Marlo taught students about the materials used to make a medicine bag and why the medicine bag is important to Indigenous Peoples. Students will be engaged through active, hands-on Indigenous Cultural learning and develop an appreciation and move toward reconciliation.

working on medicine pouchesAn Elder from Lake Helen, Marilyn Netemegesic visited the school in May to share her knowledge with students about the significance and meaning behind the cultural practice of ribbon shirts and skirts. She brought her drum to share songs with students, as well as ribbon shirts and skirts she has made and acquired. A special thank you to Ashley Muir for planning, organizing and facilitating this important work of walking towards reconciliation as well as Marilyn and Marlo for sharing their knowledge and time with students at St. Hilary Catholic School.

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."

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