OAME 2023

OAME 2023
Posted on 06/20/2023
Students participating in math activities

The Math and Technology Enabled Learning Teacher (TELT) Team was proud to send five educators and one vice-principal to The Ontario Association for Mathematics Education: OAME conference in Toronto on April 27 and 28, 2023. The theme of the conference was Empowering Me in 2023, which focuses on a culture of empowerment for math leaders, educators, and students to become stronger and more confident in mathematics learning and teaching. Our representatives from SNCDSB had the opportunity to participate, network and learn from strong Mathematical Leaders, educators, and publishers from around North America. Every session, from deeper fractional understanding to Creating Balance Math Programs, included a wealth of knowledge to help improve how we approach Mathematics.

Educators who attended OAME 2023

OAME offered many keynote speakers, allowing participants to do some self-reflection. These opportunities force us to pause, take a moment, and shift our thinking about learning, teaching, mathematics, and future. Dr. Rochelle Gutierrez' helped by empowering the SNCDSB members to become a good ancestors in mathematics. She exposed us to think about how we can take cold, disconnected mathematics and move mathematics in our buildings to a more “spiritual” aspect.

Karly Baker (SNCDSB Math Lead), Cara Figliomeni (TELT) and Megan Wilson (Junior Educator) had the opportunity to take part in a professional learning opportunity with Marian Small. Her “10 Steps to Empower Students” taught us that understanding math is not just doing math. Mrs. Jen Speziale attended many learning sessions, but one stood out. It was titled: Supporting Students Towards Deep Understanding in Addition & Subtraction by presenter and educator Chad Williams. The session was full of energy, with exciting ways to engage students and build their understanding of numbers. Through different representations of numbers, students can engage in many activities to build a strong knowledge base to help with addition and subtraction.

Mrs. Speziale (Grade 1/2 Teacher at Holy Angels) and Mr. Stephens (Math Lead) collaborated on some exciting learning based on resources and activities from their most recent trip to the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME) conference in Toronto. “We selected some exciting, high-energy activities learned at OAME and put them to play right away in the classroom. Students were thrilled, and that energy transferred from us as excited educators to excited learners participating fully and engaged in new ways of learning.” – Jen Speziale, Teacher.

Students participating in number line activityIn the classroom, learning was supported through an interactive 100s chart on the Promethean board, where numbers can be hidden and revealed as students recognize number placement through prior knowledge and patterns. Students also enjoyed an open-ended number line activity where numbers were represented in different ways, and students placed them according to their order. For the crowd favourite, a number representation spot-it dance party was held. Students included movement and math by reading, representing and comparing numbers with their peers. “It was amazing to see students communicating and engaging in math language during the open number line clothesline activity. Students had to explain their thinking about moving the numbers around and how they did or did not belong in their place. Having a number line that was easily interactive and moveable showcased to the students that thinking is fluid and can change. They were actively learning from their mistakes and correcting them in real-time through feedback from their peers.” Aaron Stephens As you shared above, only a few days after the conference ended, the Superior North Catholic staff was eager to return to their schools to share with their colleagues and try new math strategies with the students. Taking the time away from their homes and returning with such enthusiasm demonstrates the dedication SNCDSB staff have to be lifelong learners. The Math and TELT team looks forward to next year’s conference.

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