SNCDSB 2021-2022 Remote Learning Program Registration

SNCDSB 2021-2022 Remote Learning Program Registration
Posted on 04/29/2021

Dear SNCDSB Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for your patience, engagement and support during our various remote learning pivots during the current public health crisis and your participation over this past year in our SNCDSB Remote Learning Program. As you are aware, our SNCDSB Remote Learning Program was created in response to the unique challenges posed by COVID-19 and the global public health crisis. Looking ahead to September 2021, we now need specific information about each of our students and the intent of our families to return to school in-person, enter into, or remain in remote learning. To inform our decisions for September 2021, we will be gathering this information through our SNCDSB 2021-2022 Remote Learning Program Registration Form. The form can be found at and needs to be completed by May 7, 2021.

If you have multiple children in our schools in your home, we ask that you please complete a separate Remote Learning Program Registration Form for each child by May 7, 2021. To further inform your decision for the fall, please know that beginning in September 2021, our intention is for our SNCDSB Remote Learning Program to operate separately from our current schools, so students who register in remote learning for September will be placed in our SNCDSB Remote Learning Program for the duration of the 2021-2022 school year. Please also note, that for parents that choose in school learning, no form needs to be submitted and their child will remain in the brick and mortar school for the remainder of the school year unless the whole school pivots to online learning.

This will ensure continuity and planning to support us meeting our top priority which is the learning, safety and well-being of our students. Thank you for sharing your intentions with us about your child's education preference for September 2021. For questions regarding our SNCDSB Remote Learning Program, please contact Ben, Jewiss, Special Projects Lead at [email protected]

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