Spirit Week - March 15 - 19, 2021

Spirit Week - March 15 - 19, 2021
Posted on 03/15/2021

The Government of Ontario has made the decision to delay the March Break from March 15th - 19th to April 12th to 16th.

Knowing that this delay caused much disappointment to staff, students and families our System Support Team worked collaboratively to coordinate numerous creative and fun activities and/or events throughout the week of March 15th - 19th that will support teachers in providing some fun options for their students during the week.

Recognizing the importance for our students and teachers, who would ordinarily be on vacation, to be involved in some fun learning to help break up this long winter season a program guide was created by our System Support Team and shared with teachers, providing both synchronous and self-guided activities throughout the week.

Chart of Planned Spirit Week Activities
Activity Descriptions

Head Start in Business

Students from Kindergarten through Grade 8 will learn about entrepreneurship and business development through an interactive virtual presentation that suits their grade level. Head Start in Business connects its programming to various areas of the Ontario curriculum while highlighting entrepreneurship and educational outcomes.


The Be A Business Bee program introduces students to the world of entrepreneurship. The workshops provide students with the opportunity to engage in a play-based learning experience focused on community, business, entrepreneurship, and much more! Children are encouraged to make real-life connections while having thoughtful conversations about what it means to be an entrepreneur! (Language, Social Studies and Art)


Create a Logo that introduces students to business marketing through the use of logos. In this workshop, students will identify and name a business that they believe could work in their community. Students then write a paragraph describing what their business is about and design a logo that reflects their business. This activity-based workshop encourages students to reflect on the possibility of entrepreneurship as a viable career! (Language, Media Literacy, Social Studies and Art)


Buz Budget is a workshop that encourages students to explore the basics of business finances through a series of fun activities! Students will be able to identify if their business budgets break-even, show a profit or show a loss.

Buz Budget allows participants to reflect on the possibility of entrepreneurship as a possible career option. The program encourages participants to make informed financial decisions and identify possible causes or solutions to their financial outcomes. (Math, Oral Communication, Social Studies).


Market Your Thoughts is a workshop that introduces intermediate students to creative marketing through various media sources. Students will identify a business opportunity that they believe could work in their community and create a multi-media business plan describing their business. (Language, Media Literacy, Social Studies, and Art).

Wellness Jeopardy

Students from Grade 3-8 will join Jenna Brown from Dilico for a fun game of Wellness Jeopardy.

Lakehead University Financial Literacy Presentation Registration

Students from Grades 5 through 8 will participate in an interactive presentation, hosted by Lakehead University, on Strand F Financial Literacy from the new 2020 Ontario Mathematics Curriculum. The presentation will explore the new curriculum expectations on Money Concepts, Financial Management and Consumer and Civic Awareness to help students gain everyday financial literacy skills.

Beading Pictures with Andrea Favel

Students from Grades 3 through 8 will join Andrea Favel to bead their own design on a framed canvas! Students will draw or print their designs for beading. The picture and bead colour options are limitless!

Sketching with Rebekah's Fine Art

Boreal Offerings Yoga

Science North Interactive Workshops


Welcome to the world of algorithms; the steps that are followed to achieve a goal! In this workshop, your young Coders will get a chance to be creative while following the algorithm to draw their very own creature!


This exciting workshop will test your students' knowledge about the mysteries of the animal world. Students will examine various characteristics of regional habitats such as food chains, predators, prey, as well as native plants. Our bluecoat will lead your group as they examine replica skulls, teeth, & scat in order to solve this mystery game of "Guess Who".


Take a trip underground and learn the importance of geology! From ancient history to future discoveries, learn how geology can help us understand the structure of our planet as well as the rocks that fly around it. Your students will have the opportunity to discover how rocks change from ore to alloy. Let's dig deep into the facts about the world under our feet!


Have you ever heard of an Ecologist? Did you know they play a vital role in researching the health of our ecosystems? In this workshop, your students will become virtual Ecologists and will learn the importance of collecting data and identifying samples through examining real artifacts. They will explore the vast pine and birch forests of northern Ontario, while also making microscopic discoveries in our lakes and rivers. This workshop aims to inspire your students to also make more conscious environmental decisions in their everyday lives.

CFNO Radio Interviews

Tune into CFNO each morning to listen to Al Cresswell interview members of our System Support Team.

Al Cresswell interviews Lena Stahl, SNCDSB Math Lead. Lena highlights Math programming being offered throughout the week.

In this interview Lena Stahl highlights how these virtual sessions will support students in learning math.

In this interview with CFNO Sarah Clowes, Technology Enabled Learning Teacher talks about how these activities support student engagement and wellbeing, how has the use of technology impacted programming across the district and how these opportunities connect to the Ontario curriculum.

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