Xello Program for all Grade 5 - 8 students and educators

Xello Program for all Grade 5 - 8 students and educators
Posted on 03/29/2021

Superior North Catholic District School Board is excited to have provided all Grade 5 - 8 students and educators with virtual workshops to learn about the Xello program.

Xello supports student pathways to success and allows Grade 5 - 8 students to explore their interests and align them with career options. Students learn how to complete interactive career, personality, and learning style assessments to help them better understand their unique interests, skills, and strengths. Each engaging assessment encourages reflection, helping students connect who they are with relevant career options. (Source SNCDSB students continue to work towards achieving their personal goals and inform the four key questions in the Creating Pathways to Success document"Who am I?", "What are my opportunities?", "Who do I want to become?" and "What is my plan for achieving my goals?"

The Superior North Catholic District School Board provided Grade 5 - 8 students with a one-hour workshop to learn about the Xello program. Xello supports student pathways, goal setting and planning for their future. The workshop was held on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. Educators and students joined the workshop through their interactive whiteboard Zoom meeting to learn from Xello experts.

Students Participating in Xello Workshop

Xello provided customized workshops to support educators in implementing Xello lessons into the classroom. On Thursday, February 18, 2021, Xello facilitated a one-hour workshop for Grade 5/6 and Grade 7/8 students and teachers. Xello delivered the Grade 5/6 Decision-Making lesson, and the Grade ⅞ students participated in the Grade 7 Biases and Career Choices lesson.

Xello Workshop Virtual Presentation

Following the November and February workshops, SNCDSB continued to support Grade 5 to 8 Classroom Teachers in integrating the Xello platform into their classroom. A half-day release was provided to each Grade 5 - 8 classroom teacher to review the SNCDSB Xello recordings and pre-recorded webinars to further familiarize educators with the Xello dashboard, resources and plan the implementation into the classroom program. Sarah Clowes, the Technology Enabled Learning Teacher and Experiential Learning Lead, supports educators by co-planning and co-teaching in the classroom by integrating Xello into the classroom.

Finally, a parent/guardian workshop was held on Wednesday, March 17, to inform parents about all the features and pathway planning opportunities Grade 5 - 8 students have available. If parents were unable to participate live, you are invited to view the SNCDSB Xello Parent/Guardian Presentation recording. If you would like to learn more about Xello, please read this introduction to parents/guardians letter.

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