Annual Reports

The Superior North Catholic District School Board’s Annual Report provides an overview of our multi-year strategic plan. Our plan is founded on four priorities; Faith & Justice, Academic Excellence, Indigenous Education and Focus on the Future.

The ultimate responsibility of education is to foster the holistic development of individuals and lead them toward leading productive lives. Catholic schools have the added responsibility of guiding students along a Catholic lens, which means we focus on the importance of others by valuing kindness, empathy, compassion, equity, and inclusivity. Our lessons, whether academic or otherwise, are based on the belief that our students are at the core of what we do. Our decisions are always based on what is best for students.

The increase in enrollment at SNCDSB is a testament to the fact that our quality programming holds value for our parent community. In 2023, we continued to invest funding and effort into the social and emotional well-being of students. Without security and well-being, it is challenging to learn. Increased support for special education, cutting-edge technology, and innovative approaches to how students learn has set us up for positive outcomes. Although we continue to have staffing challenges like many other organizations, we still provide teachers with exceptional professional development and training in math and literacy. With the Ministry of Education’s emphasis on mathematics, we have created a Math Strategy Achievement Plan to focus on increasing scores and readying students for the future. In 2023, we also offered our first reach ahead credit for grade 8 students. This allows students to ease the transition between elementary and secondary and reduces the academic demand in the first year of high school. We will continue to offer more reach ahead credits this 2024 school year.

I want to thank all our staff and volunteers who play a critical role in a student’s school experience. I commend my executive team and all who work behind the scenes at our Catholic Education Center for their collaborative approach and commitment to our students.

A special thank you to our parent community for trusting us to serve your children. The following images and information in this report will detail our accomplishments and show the student experience.

Maria Vasanelli
Director of Education

cover for 2022-23 Annual Report
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