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St. Edward Catholic School Sensory Path
Posted on 10/24/2022
Sensory PathSt. Edward Catholic School has a new feature in their primary hallway that has been exciting for all our students. The hallway features include large feet, logs and lily pads, the alphabet, a flower with numbers one to ten, cues to breathe in, breathe out, jump, hop, and various other movements. The large stickers adhere to the surface of the floor and create an engaging and stimulating environment for students to enjoy while travelling up and down the hall.

Large painted feet on sensory path

The large feet create a focus for students to place their feet on, one step at a time as they walk down the hall. The large flower with numbers one to ten form hopscotch that students can jump on. Jumping, hopping, balancing and stretching is a way that students can engage their senses.

student walking sensory path

According to, sensory walkways support students in adjusting and compensating for the input their senses are receiving at school and in the classroom. Each student has different sensory needs and requires a varying level of sensory input. The sensory path formula uses specific movements, visual cues, joint pressures, and muscle stretches to engage students.
Student walking sensory path

Educators have been enjoying observing how students are engaging in the pathway. Some students are fun and playful while others are concentrating on their next move. The sensory pathway is a great addition to the 21st-century learning environment at St. Edward Catholic School. A special thank you to Mrs. Copp and Mrs. Tamminen for helping to install this for our students.

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