The Superior North Catholic District School Board’s (SNCDSB) Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) Plan was developed in response to Ontario Regulation 25/23, which requires all public sector organizations to complete an ECDM plan every five years. This 2024-2029 ECDM Plan is an update to the Board’s previous 2019-2023 ECDM Plan submitted by July 1, 2024.

This ECDM Plan presents energy-saving results achieved and the lessons learned since the previous plan and lays out the goals, strategy, and business case for the Board’s Energy efficiency investments over the next five years.

Energy conservation and demand management are critical considerations for school boards in Ontario, where educational institutions play a vital role in shaping a sustainable future. This review highlights the significance of implementing robust energy conservation and demand management strategies to address economic, environmental, and educational objectives. Beyond the economic benefits, these initiatives contribute to environmental stewardship, educational advancement, regulatory compliance, community relations, and the embracement of innovative technologies. By prioritizing energy conservation, school boards can fulfill their commitment to fostering a greener, more sustainable future for both current and future generations.

This comprehensive Plan is the most effective method of identifying energy conservation opportunities, selectively implementing the best projects, and then measuring their effectiveness. The Plan has been developed to protect the interests of our community, staff and students while ensuring that the SNCDSB obtains the best possible value from our operating budgets. The Board remains committed to enhancing our efforts to conserve energy conservation while also reducing GHG emissions. We believe in becoming more sustainable with a view towards cost-effective actions that respects the value of Board funding.

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